Forecast Gin

Brand & label

Forecast is a boutique gin brand.

It’s a co-lab from the guys at Easy Tiger (the distributor) and the National Distillery (the makers). It gave them the unique opportunity to stick with what they both do best.

With the Gin Market being such a crowded space we wanted to capture that feeling of mixing that first gin of summer, winter, spring… or autumn.

Through the use of simple bold shapes and the introduction overlaid textures to represent the haze and fizz of the tonic as it fills up your glass, you can almost hear it.

The textures also give atmosphere to the brand, be it the feeling of dawn on the Shepherd’s Delight or the changing blues of summer sky on the Aotearoa Dry.

With repeating motif of a foiled wedge of lemon we have a unifying element across current and future varieties.

No matter the weather the Forecast is good, with a touch of tonic.